Certificato ISO 9001
Environmental consultancy and design of biogas plants.

Our staff is able to offer a proper consultancy for the completion of the authorization processes in the environmental field through the procedure of the authorization (called Autorizzazione Unica) which is required in Italy for the energy production plants from renewable sources (biogas-biomasses), or the authorization procedures for “Management plans of meteoric water” and for the “Use of sewage sludge in agriculture”, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 99/92.

The offered consultancy also includes the technical/economical feasibility study depending on the different available biomass, the draft of detailed technical specifications, the assistance of the costumer during the supplier selection and the plant construction. Our staff is moreover able to verify the correspondence between the real returns and the project returns and it has the faculty of organizing a technical Due Diligence on proposals of plants and on already made plants.
Our “Memory service” has, on the other hand, the function of remembering important deadlines which must be respected to comply to the statutory requirements contained in the Authorization Deliberations for the systems management.

In cooperation with our internal Testing Laboratory, chemical, physical and biological analysis on the components in the process can be done. The biological support with continuous and/or programmed monitoring on the biogas plants, the supervising of the definition of plans for the supply of the digesters for the stability and the optimization of the qualitative and quantitative yields into biogas. Moreover, our staff is also able to evaluate the energy potential of organic components in terms of biogas yield and the biomethanation power through specific tests in the laboratory.

Finally, examinations shall be conducted on gaseous emissions into the atmosphere: advice and analysis on conveyed/spread emissions and in the workplaces. Our staff is able to perform directly on the field the sampling of the main contaminants from industrial chimneys. On the base of the analytical findings, the client is supported in the choice of the most suitable plant. The service we offer also provides all necessary assistance to apply for permits or renewals in the environmental field and about workplace safety.

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